ACIS-01 is a high frequency ultrasonic system, which was developed to meet the needs of high resolution and high accuracy inspection. Its bandwidth can be up to 500MHz, and the resolution can reach 5 um, so it was called ultrasonic microscope.

It was mainly used in electronic industry to inspect IC packages, wafers and chips before, but now its use is extended to almost all NDT industries, such as the applications of composite inspection, disk inspection and small rings inspection in aerospace. 

Main Benefits:

High frequency : 0.1~500MHz.
Real-Time A/B/C/D scans display.
High Scan Speed:Max. 1000mm/s.
Excellent detection capability for all types of defects.
Through transmission inspection is available.


Smaller tank than ACIS-03 series with lift platform.
Modular design makes it convenient for maintenance and modification.
Organ cover design makes the structure beautiful and exquisite.
Low noise electric system makes the electromagnetic interference minimized.
Original ultrasonic equipment suspension structure makes the attenuation of the ultrasonic signal reduced effectively.


Part size:Max.400mm*400mm.

High frequency ultrasonic unit: Maximum 500MHz.

System Basic Function: A/B/C/D View, Interface tracking, TCG Correction, Track, Rescan, Standard Data format output, CustomerReport, Cluster Analysis, Histogram Analysis, Bonding rate calculation, Multi-layer View, SNRCalculation, FFT, Smoothing, Backlash correction, Offline gain, Annotation.

Others: Underwater light, Large viewing window.