ACIS-05 series products are standard ultrasonic immersion systems which are designed for large size parts fast and accurate scanning in an industrial or laboratory environment.

ACIS-05 series products can have up to 6 axis, which make them compatible for complex shape parts inspection. These modular designed systems can configure with conventional UT and phased arrays UT equipment to provide various scanning patterns for different applications.  

Contour following function makes ACIS-05 systems to be ideal products for 2D, 2.5D and 3D parts inspection, such as plates, bars, disks, rings and billets.

Main Benefits:

Profiling of 2D, 2.5D and 3D pieces

Real-Time A/B/C/D scans display

Smart system for 2D,2.5D,3D pieces inspection.

Excellent detection capability for all types of defects

Hand controller is optional


Large size tank with lift platform

Modular design makes it convenient for maintenance and modification

Organ cover design makes the structure beautiful and exquisite

Low noise electric system makes the electromagnetic interference minimized

Original ultrasonic equipment suspension structure makes the attenuation of the ultrasonic signal reduced effectively

High performance servo motor makes the system more precise and faster


Part Shapes: Design for Disc, Plate, Tube and Pipe, Axisymmetrical part, and complex surface part

Axis configuration :X/Y/Z/A/B/H( Lift platform);Disc diameter available:1000mm/1500mm/2000mm

Ultrasonic configuration: Conventional UT and Phased Array

System Basic Function: A/B/C/D View; Interface tracking; TCG Correction;Defect Track; Rescan; Standard Data format output; CustomerReport; Cluster Analysis;Histogram Analysis; Bonding rate calculation; Multi-layer View; SNR Calculation; FFT; Smoothing; Backlash correction; Offline gain; Annotation

Others: Hand controller; Auto-lubrication system; Underwater light; Large viewing window