ARIS-05 series products are standard offline ultrasonic immersion systems which are designed for large size bars and tubes fast and accurate scanning in an industrial environment.

ARIS-05 series products are built from high accuary and high movement speed scannnig frame,  so they are really ideal systems for high throughput bars and tubes inspections. These modular designed systems can configure with conventional UT and phased arrays UT equipment to provide various scanning patterns for different applications.  

Main Benefits:

Surface following of plate, bar and tube

Real-Time A/B/C/D scans display

Smart system for bar and tube inspection.

Excellent detection capability for all types of defects

Hand controller is optional


Modular design makes it convenient for maintenance and modification

Organ cover design makes the structure beautiful and exquisite

Low noise electric system makes the electromagnetic interference minimized

Original ultrasonic equipment suspension structure makes the attenuation of the ultrasonic signal reduced effectively

High performance servo motor makes the system more precise and faster


Ultrasonic system (EU14):


   Pulse Width:20ns~500ns





   Sampling Frequency:100MHz

   Number of Channels:2/4/8


   View:A,B,C,D and Polar-scan

   Data Analysis:

   Cluster Analysis--- Defects exceed standard will be marked and Auto-statistics

   Histogram Analysis--- Count the points distribution of C-scan

   SNR Calculation---Calculate the signal to noise ratio of C-scan

   FFT--- Measure the central frequency, peak frequency and bandwidth of the probe

   Palette-- gray, color, warm color, RF symmetry and user defined palette


   Operation Table:L*W*H=1800mm×800mm×700mm

   Scanning envelope:L*W*H=3200mm×600mm×600mm

   Maximum Speed: X-Axis 500mm/s,Y-Axis 200mm/s, Z-Axis 100mm/s, RR-Axis 60rpm

   Positioning Precision:X-Axis ±0.05/300mm, Y-Axis ±0.05/300mm, Z-Axis ±0.05/300mm, RR-Axis 0.5deg